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Finance Specialist

Job responsibilities:
1, looking for the right bank, and the bank to discuss and provide the best financing options and financing conditions, and the bank can be a good communication, coordination and solve the problem.

2, rational analysis and allocation of funds, internal financing arrangements.

3, in charge of bank expenses and audit work.

HR mailbox: hr@cgcapital.com.cn
Job requirements:
1 college degree or above, 2 years work experience;

2, responsible for the supervision of the implementation of the internal control system, the business department of self regulatory supervision;

3, responsible for the business activities of the authenticity of the audit supervision; responsible for internal control evaluation;

4, responsible for the organization to carry out high-level tenure responsibility audit and the outgoing audit;

5, responsible for organizing the implementation of off-site audit and full line of credit, asset liability management, financial accounting, bank cards, international business and computer special audit activities;